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Robert is the real deal. He is professional, smart, and knows the industry backwards and forward. I found him on craigslist and gave him a shout. We had some problems with some burning smell in the dryer, he was able to diagnose it over the phone. He came out a day later, right on time and had us up and running in no more than 30 minutes.

I will definitely be recommending his company to everyone I know.  He is the best washer and dryer repair guy in the city!
Called and they fixed my problem over the phone and said give 'em a call if I had any more problems. No Charge.  Awesome!
Called the Fix-It guy after our washing machine stopped working.  Well, I should have checked it again because when he arrived it was working again.  Robert was really nice and did an entire check up on our washer and dryer, but he did charge us his normal $100 rate for the visit, which I thought was a little steep given that it was working.  But, shame on me for not checking it again...

It's also worth mentioning that Robert is extremely nice and professional.  Not that I can really vouch for the guy, but my sense is that this is someone you could trust to call when only your wife or kids would be home.  He seems really trustworthy, and you don't always get that.
Washer/dryer unit started leaking, so I called Robert based on the reviews I read here.  

My only complaint was that he was late.  Other than that, he did a great job.  Very courteous and helpful, very friendly to talk to.  Diagnosed my problem quickly (it requires a part, so he'll have to come back when it comes in).  Also VERY reasonable price for service.  I'll definitely have him install this part, and I'd call him for any other work.
This guy knows what he's doing and he doesn't do patch jobs.   He told
us up front it would be $100 whether he was there 1or 3 hours which
made me feel good that there wasn't some exorbitant hourly rate.  He
was on time, extremely polite and friendly.  After telling me what part he needed to get, he and his assistant left and returned in a hour to finish the job.   Getting this kind of service is hard to find for repairs.  I appreciate the promptness and honesty.  That $100 was well worth it.
If you call anyone else, you are asking for trouble!      ; )
I called Robert and he came quickly, is the nicest guy imaginable, and did not charge me a penny to come out! He diagnosed my problem immediately and came up with a solution that fixed my problem - and still no charge.  
I called another repair person before him, incidentally, who came over 4 times and didn't know how to fix the problem, or even what the problem was. Robert new immediately! I wouldn't call anyone else.
I had a dryer problem and contacted Robert. He was extremely courteous and helpful on the phone, and even helped me troubleshoot over the phone. He was able to give me an appointment for the next day--even called before the appointed time to let me know he was running late! Oh that the cable company should be so considerate...

When he arrived, he took my husband and me through an detailed hands-on tutorial (at our request) that should be entitled "Getting to Know your Whirlpool Dryer" and he systematically isolated the problem. Turns out it was a ventilation problem, not a dryer problem per se!

His labor charge (for dismantling a portion of my machine) was reasonable, and did I mention how professional and courteous he is? He also seems to know his stuff-- knew the innards  of the dryer and wasn't shy about educating us about it....the mark of a true craftsman.

Recommend highly, if only for the customer service. Will update post if/when I have a real need for washer/dryer/dishwasher repair, as I plan on using him again in the future.
He just left our place. I called him yesterday based on the previous review here and he was willing to come even last night. He did a quick repair at a reasonable price, and was very courteous. I would definitely recommend him.
This gentleman has provided me with service in the past. I called him to fix my dryer and offered me help over the phone which helped me with my problem and did not charge me a penny. I was so satisfied with his help I referred him to my family and has done work for them as well. He offers polite prompt same day service for less then Sears would charge you.
There's a reason Robert has high marks on Yelp.  

I called him today about my Kenmore gas dryer.  He told me over the phone what the problem probably was.  He came out four hours later (even with me living on the far northwest side), fixed my dryer in under twenty minutes.  I'm not sure what somebody else would charge, but the $125 service call and $40 parts seemed fair.  I'm sure Sears, where the dryer was purchased, would have charged at least that, probably more.

And the icing on the cake is Robert's professionalism.  I would trust my two year old son with this guy and he was only in my house for 30 minutes.  He's a great guy.

If your washer, dryer, or washing machine breaks down give Robert a call.  First class all the way.
So, I made this resolution: Finally fix the lazy dishwasher. Yeah, it's lazy. It only likes to wash things "sort of." Like, everything on the top shelf ends up with this smattering of crusty dots all over it. Then, I have to wash all of it...AGAIN. It's not totally deficient, just super annoying. Dishwashers are supposed to clean things! Mine is basically a storage unit for dirty dishes, wherein I finally break down and do them all by hand....sigh.

Back to my resolution: get it fixed.

I left The Fix-It Guy (Robert!) a message on New Year's Day evening. (There are very easy instructions to follow for leaving a message on his web site.) He called me back at 830am the next day, with a full-on explanation of what might be ailing my @#$%^ dishwasher.

Instead of rushing right into making an appointment, he suggested I run some vinegar (or dishwasher cleaner, I bought The Works at the Dollar Store for...ya know, a buck) to clear away anything that might be blocking the rinse cycle.

He told me this FOR FREE. Not after he came and charged me out the wazoo for "consulting." FOR FREE. And, he's nice.

And, so works. Amazing. For the first time. I just assumed it was some major problem. Apparently not, but if there ever is one...I'll for sure call this guy. Customer service done right...

Thanks, Robert! You are the only one I could talk to the day after New Year's Day before 9am and come up with a reasonable solution to one of my problems :)


Seriously, this is the repair guy you should call.  He really goes above and beyond what you would typically expect of a washing machine repairman.  He comes on time (or early!), charges a flat fee, has a labor guarantee and above all, he's a nice guy!  Totally someone I could trust in my home and someone that won't give you the runaround.

Robert came to my house on a Saturday morning at exactly the time he promised.  He was prompt and polite and took the time explain exactly what was wrong with the machine and how to fix it.  He charged us a flat fee for his labor, which included a labor warranty.  He answered all my questions, and taught us how to maintain the machine in the future.  (Run a hot water cycle with a gallon of vinegar in your washing machine!   Clean out your lint drawer, and check underneath the dryer!)

Our washing machine had a particularly difficult problem to diagnose, and Robert had to come back for a few follow ups.  Since he has a labor warranty, it was no charge!  He even replaced two parts for free, and came for two hours to watch the machine go through two cycles.  

My over 16-year-old washing machine now runs like a dream.  It is absolutely glorious to have these amazingly clean clothes.  I cannot say enough good things about Robert!  Thank you!!

Have an appliance problem, repair or question?   If you didn't first start by calling Robert, The-Fix-it-Guy, you've probably already compounded the problem, price and service.  

My washer would not drain, rinse, or spin so I thought my older Kenmore washer was done.  I started to look at washer reviews so that my wife and I could begin our search for a new washer (this economy, right after the Christmas holiday....ouch!!!), but I wanted to ensure I got the best value for my money.  As I continued my research I stumbled across this webpage that had RAVING reviews regarding this "fix-it guy, Robert", so I thought I give them a read.  Before I go any further let me inform you that I live in Rhode Island, not even close to his "area" of expertise, Chicago.

I thought I had nothing to lose so I made the call to Robert and  wanted to inquire of  a reliable, veteran appliance professional which brand would he buy or recommend based on his experience of fixing them.  He gave me some good, valuable information but then he asked me what problem was I having.  I explained to him briefly (I mean briefly!) that the washer wasn't draining, rinsing or spinning and instantly he knew the problem...check my lid closing switch, which he thought could be lose or damaged.  I told thanks and that I would check it out and within half an hour I was able to confirm his professional diagnosis and had made a workable fix ( I decided to order the new $30 switch anyway).

Not only am was I impressed with his superb technical knowledge but his willingness to just help me out even though he would never get work from me (locations) but he even called me back to see if I was able to fix it (a follow up call by someone other than a salesman?!!).  He is awesome and should be recommended to anyone and everyone.  

Robert, you were the first savings of the New Year (hundreds if not over a thousand dollars!).  Ever thought of moving (or setting up another shop) in Rhode Island?  Thanks a million!!

J C.
Called Robert about a refrigerator problem. He doesn't repair fridges. Even so, he was very helpful and took time to explain to me what the problem was in his opinion.
As promised held up your end of the deal, the least I could do was hold up my end.  5 stars!!

My washer stopped working on Friday right before I went out of town so I said, eh screw it and left the clothes and water and soap and bubbles and weird pumpking smell all in there and left.  Asked the BF to take care of it but you know how that goes...

Came back Sunday night and left a message for Robert around 9pm.  By 8:30am on Monday morning (today) he called back and before I even finished describing my ish, he knew what was wrong.  Told me it would be $120 for labor (no parts for my problem) and he could be out that day at 3pm.  No 12pm-5pm time range, 3pm on the dot.  And then he called at 1:30pm and said he could come at 2pm if I was available.  Awesome!

Like everyone else says, he's super friendly and courteous.  Very honest and up front.  Such a relief and my washer is fixed.  Smell is still there but he gave me a suggestion for that too.

So thanks Robert and thanks Yelpers for recommending him!
Robert is the best.  I called him on the Yelp recommendations initially to fix my washer, and now every time I need a repair in his line of work, I call him back.  He gives a one-hour window for his arrival, calls to let me know he is on the way, and arrives on time.  He works quickly while making easy conversation, and charges a fair price, considering his expertise.  He warranties his work and honors the warranty--when an off-balance load once again detached my washer within the warranty period, he fixed the washer promptly and and at no charge.  Not only that, but no matter how busy he has gotten, he finds a way to fit in his loyal customers, like me.   He is good people. :)

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